rock climbling at Sinsat the ariege pyrenees
  • Sinsat:

    This is an important area with three major sites; Sinsat, Le Pubis and the Hautes-Falaise du Quié as well as a number of smaller sectors. The cliff as a whole is one of the most impressive sweeps of rock you will see, and the trip 'Integrale d'Anais' climbing the full height of the crag is a real classic.
    Sinsat has 130 well equiped routes of 1-3 pitches from 3c to 8a.
    Le Pubis is a star site midway up the massif. It offers 36 routes of 1-6 pitches from 5b to 7b.
    Les Hautes-Falaises du Quié offers 30 routes of widely varying grades and styles. Some involve trad and aid climbing of routes up to 400m!
    Have a look at Stevie Haston's impressions of the site. Peppermint is one of the best routes here, well-bolted, 8 pitches at no more than 6a.